El Roalito Afghanen-Champions

Our Champions  

El Roalito Easygoing "Easy"

BIS Winner, Multi SBIS Winner, International Champion, Grand Champion Hungarian,
Champion of Champion Hungaria 2016, Hungarin Champion, Alpen Champion, Slowenia Champion, Tschech Champion, Luxemburg Champion, Swiss Champion, Austrian Champion, German DWZRV Champion, German VDH Champion,
Benelux Winner Maastrich, Country Winner Saarland, Country Winner Sachsen, Country Winner Baden Würtemberg, Winter Winner Slovenia,

Afghans Years Winner 2016 and Second place Germany's Top male Afghan Hounds 2016
German DWZRV Junior Champion, German VDH Junior Champion
33x Jun. BOB; Jun. BIS; Youth Winner Bad.-Württemberg; Youth Winner Karlsruhe


El Roalito Dream Of The Moon "Dallas" 

BIS Winner, German DWZRV Champion

Junior Champion(DWZRV); Junior BIS ; 3x Jun. BOB; 3x Best Male; 3x BOB

El Roalito Dream Of Pride And Elegance "Domido"

Junior Champion(DWZRV); 3x Jun. BOB; Best Male

El Roalito Dream Wildside Of The Wind "Lina"

Junior Champion(DWZRV); 2x Jun. BOB; BOS

El Roalito  Dream Of Myth And Fable "Deranito"

Junior Champion;(DWZRV) European Junior Winner 2012

El Roalito Call me an Angel of Victory "Kiki"

Junior Champion;(DWZRV) 3x Jun.BOB

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El Roalito Especialy "Gala" 

Champion; 6x Jun.BOB, 7xBOB; 3x CACIB Winner; 3x Gruop Winner; 7xBOS; 4x BIS

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El Roalito Elegance "Scouty"   

Champion; 6x Jun.BOB, 8xBOB; 6x CACIB Winner; 6x Gruop Winner; 7xBOS; 4x BIS

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El Roalito Famous Flyer "Famous" 

American Champion, Winner Dog